FAT Among Us Food Imposter Role Mod Tips

FAT Among Us Food Imposter Role Mod Tips

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ARTE MOB. 1.0 04/07/2021
So do you ever wanted to eat so fat imposter much food and become fat among us that you could fart boost and jump across the world? Try out all brand new fat imposter food among us mod where you can be big fat among us or giant impostor also do funny things in the game! You can eat food, get bigger, sit on people, burp all over the place, roll around, and many more!

Become the fat imposter role among us where you're bigger and fatter than other crewmates. You can have 4 unique abilities and everyone will get the same skills. Fat among us mod is some of the weirdest mod you may ever play but yeah it's worth it. Simply as other crewmates, what you want to do is eat as much food and calories as much as possible and then you can use those calories for the 4 special abilities like a fart, sit on people, squash crewmates and make them fall asleep. And as an imposter in fat among us mod role you want to steal all their food and calories so you can kill all the crewmates instantly.
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