HD Video Projector Simulator

HD Video Projector Simulator

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Maulik Lathiya. 1.2 21/10/2021
HD Video Projector Simulator is the best video projector application. HD Video Projector Simulator is an application where you can choose any video from your telephone and view that video on the projector. Task your number one video and watch it with your companion and family. At the point when you get exhausted, start HD Video Projector Simulator and watch your video on the projector.

Feature :-
• Easily change resolution and density - take full advantage of the resolution of your external display, and show the Android tablet interface if you're using a phone
• Simple profile-based interface - easy to enable/disable different profiles for different types of displays
• Automatically enable Bluetooth and Wi-Fi - quickly connect a keyboard, mouse, and/or game controller
• Lock screen orientation to landscape

• Show desktop sites in Chrome by default - browse the real Web, on your TV!
• Full integration with Tasker
• Disable device backlight and/or vibration - save battery while your device is connected (not compatible with all devices)
• Load profiles automatically when a display is connected

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Disclaimer :
HD Video Projector Simulator may be a prank and faux application it's developed only for entertainment and to form a fun.

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