Rune Reading: Runic divination for every day

Rune Reading: Runic divination for every day

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In the Rune Reading app, get helpful advice and predictions using the ancient magic of the Scandinavian runes. Ask questions about relationships, health, the future and the past, and get divinations. Discover the meanings of the runes and learn how to read their combinations.

The app uses a classic design of stones and rune images. The clean design without unnecessary details keeps you from being distracted from the main purpose. Those who are already familiar with traditional runic symbols can easily use the app. Those who are just beginning to learn the runes can use this application to learn and remember their traditional spelling and just as easily be able to read real runes.

The application uses the traditional number of runes: 24. Check the rune of the day every day. The symbol will get you a divination for today and will help you navigate and make the right decisions during the day. Ask for advice about love, finances, health - open the runes and look for the decoding symbol to answer the question.

In the app, there are about ten classic variations of rulings using one, two, three, four, five and six runes: past, future and present, what was and what will be, crossroads and others. Open the signs, and the app will help you understand their meanings.

Learn the correct name and meaning of each rune. Learn what each sign means in regular and inverted form. Master the reading of the runes and analyze their detailed interpretation. You will be able to read the runes in the app even if you have never done it before.

Start using Rune Reading for free and without registration. The app requires no personal information or other information about you and no access to files on your device. Just go to the app and start using it by choosing your prediction options.

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