Stone Identifier Rock Scanner Rock Identifier

Stone Identifier Rock Scanner Rock Identifier

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Any good rock hunter is sure to come across a rock that he has trouble identifying and wonder what crystal is this? Once you've determined what type of rock you have, take a close look at its color and composition. And rock identifier will help you identify it. To rock identifier, think like a geologist and examine its physical characteristics for clues. With Stone Identifier Rock Scanner application it will help you identify the most common rocks on earth or even crystals, gemstones...

Created with the intent of spreading love and light to all crystal enthusiasts. Start exploring, learning, and recording your geological surroundings with Stone Identifier Rock Scanner ! Use this app to discover the magic of crystals and gemstone identifier.

Rock identification has gotten easier with the Stone Identifier Rock Scanner App. Simply take or upload a picture of your rock, and Stone Identifier Rock Scanner can help you identify it in seconds including gemstone identifier.

Detect the crystals by image gallery with rock identification Crystal identifier , search for different crystals by the extensive filters to hone down your search further. Want a blue crystal that corresponds to the Throat Chakra and aids meditation? No problem! Looking for a green crystal from South America with a vitreous lustre? We can show you loads! Looking to learn about a random new crystal? Use the dice button to pick one at random! We can show you more gemstone identifier

You can also use wishlist to build up your collection and quickly access them using the filters to only show ones you own.

Many crystals come in so many different colours and formations, it would be impossible to include every variation! We hope you enjoy the beautiful artwork we have created, and that you find our app helpful! This is not a fixed and exhaustive list of crystals, we're always looking to add, update and expand this app to make it as useful as possible.

Stone Identifier Rock Scanner Crystal identifier Key features:
- Identify many kinds of rocks with rock identifier Crystal identifier .
- Rock identification Crystal identifier is instantly identify rock with just a few second.
- An impressive accuracy rate for photo identification.
- Rich learning source about rocks with rock identifier crystal identifier.
- Beautifully-designed and user-friendly interface.
- Record your geological observations, easily build your own rock collection in the app.
- Added more content/resources for learning about geology - gemstone identifier.
- Create your own collection fast with the rock collection feature.

Whether you are a geologist, mineral explorer, hobbyist, student, teacher, or just want to learn more about rocks, the rock recognizer provides guidance and instruction on the easiest and most comprehensive stone.

Create a rock collection
Save your rock hunting treasure, create your personal rock collection of rock identification. Now you can record your stories in stones and minerals, gemstones,crystals with the images you have taken. You will have your own rock collection.

Discover special stones
Interested in rough stones, natural gemstone identifier or crystal clusters? Download this rock identification app to find out what you never knew about rocks around the world. Discover interesting information about stones, such as Healing Crystals, Falling Stones, Birthstones, Zodiac Gems, and more.

Download and experience our rock identification application right away!

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